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Grateful Bluegrass Boys

w/ Kyle Ledson

Friday, May 24 / 9:30 pm-1:00 am / $15

If you're the kind of person whose fire burns hot for both the Grateful Dead and the instrumental mastery of bluegrass, this might be heaven.


w/ The Clarks All Star Band

Saturday, May 25 / 9:30 pm-1:00 am / $10

Arkaingelle delivers heavyweight roots reggae music with a spiritual message and an energetic frequency which when combined, have been seen to captivate, uplift, inspire and bring joy to a broad diversity of audiences.

Lyrics Born w/ DJ Fossil

Thursday, May 30 / 9:00 pm-1:00 am / $25

The self-proclaimed "funkiest rapper alive" carries on his tradition of weaving funk and soul into classic, boom-bap hip hop. Along with a full band, his live shows explode with unrelenting energy.

Music Reviews

by Tyler Blue

Crazy Horse on the Road Presents…

Ghosts of the Forest: If You Want to Fly, Let Go

We've all lost someone special in our lives. In the midst of the pain and sadness, perhaps we made a pledge to ourselves to translate those emotions into fuel for...

Pink Talking Fish: The Age of Miracles

You won't find it in your TV Guide, but there is an irresistible new show sweeping the nation: "Everybody Loves Cal." That's right ladies and gentlemen; we're talking...

Chum: More than Halfway to the Moon

There are good reasons why very few Phish tribute bands exist on the scene. The challenge of playing such a wide array of intricate compositions is daunting enough....

Rocktober was SOULed Out at the Crazy Horse

October 2018 will go down as one of the most legendary months in Crazy Horse music history. The consistency of top-tier performances matched by large, enthusiastic crowds summed...

Magic in the Other: Delighting in the Process

We have no qualms about proclaiming music as a form of escape here at the Crazy Horse. Life can be tough and  often the best medicine is to immerse one's self in a live...

The Loyal Scam: Vocals are Overrated

If you name your band after a Steely Dan song, you've already charted a course for greatness in my book. If you have Eric DiBerardino on bass, Jeremy Korpas on guitar and Corey...

Bone Diggers: Angels in the Architecture

It's not every day that you see Jonny Mojo dancing amidst an audience. In fact, it's a sight most people have never witnessed. That's because he's always onstage, pushing the...