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Jeff Austin Band

Wednesday, October 17 / 9:30 pm-12:00 am / $20 – $25

Considered as one of the most acclaimed mandolinists of modern times, Jeff Austin is a jamgrass icon. Accompanied by a world-class band, every composition is played with the conviction of his final breath.

Band Beyond Description featuring Joe Craven!

Thursday, October 18 / 8:00 pm-11:00 pm / $5 – $10

Intrepid hosts Jonny Mojo (guitar/vocals) and Gary Campus (drums) will be joined by the legendary Joe Craven and bassist Jonathan Stoyanoff to conjure magic from the Grateful Dead songbook.

pigWar w/ DoveDriver

Friday, October 19 / 9:30 pm-12:00 am / $8

pigWar is pure psychedelic soul. DoveDriver is a collaboration between guitarist/producer Teddy Presberg and DJ Klavical.

Music Reviews

by Tyler Blue

Magic in the Other: Delighting in the Process

We have no qualms about proclaiming music as a form of escape here at the Crazy Horse. Life can be tough and  often the best medicine is to immerse one's self in a live...

The Loyal Scam: Vocals are Overrated

If you name your band after a Steely Dan song, you've already charted a course for greatness in my book. If you have Eric DiBerardino on bass, Jeremy Korpas on guitar and Corey...

Bone Diggers: Angels in the Architecture

It's not every day that you see Jonny Mojo dancing amidst an audience. In fact, it's a sight most people have never witnessed. That's because he's always onstage, pushing the...

Pink Talking Fish: The Sacred Creed Will Be Yours

It's a Monday afternoon at 2pm and we're in the legendary Crazy Horse Saloon in Nevada City, CA. There are wide-eyed people drinking Bloody Marys, a pair of hipster parents...

The Higgs: From Here to the Moon

When The Higgs made their Crazy Horse debut last December, it was immediately evident that they are one of the most promising new talents in the jamband universe....

The Horse and the Wheel: The Magic is Real

Achilles Wheel had an extremely tough act to follow on Saturday, December 30 at the Crazy Horse Saloon: Themselves.

Yarn: This is the Year, This is the Moment

When you wake up with a band’s songs in your head for a week straight, it’s an undeniable sign they have left a powerful impression. In the case of Yarn, it might be something of a survival strategy.