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The Crazy Horse Saloon & Grill is where the colorful essence of the past and fun-filled spontaneity of the present intersect. Housed in one of the oldest structures in Nevada City, circa 1862, this is more than a bar or restaurant we’re talking about. This is the embodiment of living, breathing legend. While we embrace nostalgia, we’re more interested in making new memories. Nevada City is the most culturally charmed, socially diverse small town in the country and the Crazy Horse is a direct reflection of its finest qualities. Laughter, bliss – and maybe even a bit of magic – exists within these walls on a regular basis.


In its former life, The Horse – as it is affectionately known to locals – could always be trusted for an honest libation but not necessarily a meal. Since reopening in December of 2012, that has changed drastically. Chef Carol Macarty and her kitchen team give utmost attention towards the menu which transcends the realm of ordinary bar food. Making almost everything from scratch using local and organic ingredients whenever possible, each item is presented with thoughtful care. Big juicy burgers are a claim to fame. Made with Niman Ranch beef, the ten varieties can also be prepared with turkey, salmon or homemade veggie-nut patties. Fresh bread from Truckee Sourdough Company is integral to the greatness of each burger and sandwich. An extensive selection of appetizers and a quartet of salads ensure there is something for everyone.017

Chef Carol is always coming up with exciting specials which bring big city flair to our humble hamlet. The Crazy Horse is one of the only places in the county offering late night dining. The kitchen is open weeknights until 11pm and weekends until midnight. Children are welcome until 8pm.

The Crazy Horse is synonymous with exceptional live music. Every weekend and sometimes during the week, world class bands grace our cozy stage. Artists you would expect to fork out big bucks to see at a much larger venue can be enjoyed in an intimate setting for a song (and often free). We pride ourselves on an eclectic lineup, hosting practically any genre you can think of (sorry, no heavy metal). Naturally, extreme talent is the common denominator. Even though the Horse is small, the ceilings are high and air flow is good. So there’s always room to breathe and for the rich acoustics to circulate. Dance floor epiphanies are a regular occurrence. Local and nationally-touring bands inevitably dig deep because they can’t help but love playing here.

Last but not least, we’re sports fanatics! You could call the Horse a sports bar but it doesn’t meet that typical stereotype. We’ve got five HD TVs showing all the significant action. This is the only place in many miles with the coveted NFL Sunday Ticket. Camaraderie is high and overbearing machismo is low. Whether you’re in town for the day or have lived in this area all your life, the Crazy Horse’s home-away-from-home atmosphere fits like your favorite easy chair.