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Built to Spill: How Soon is Now?

“How the hell did you get these guys to play here?” Such was the frequently repeated inquiry posed at the front door on April 21 and 22 as fans streamed in to see Built to Spill. We’ve hosted a few bands which are accustomed to playing much larger venues, but none approaching the high profile […]

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Jeremy Jones Band: (A Star is) Born on the Bayou

Mardi Gras Sunday in Nevada City is one of the most anticipated days of the year. Starting with a street fair, leading into a parade and culminating in free-for-all revelry, it’s the embodiment of our town’s celebratory spirit. This year’s event was especially festive as it was the first in awhile with warm, dry weather. […]

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The Saints of Circumstance: A Tale of Two Sets

Some recipes are guaranteed for success long before the cooking begins. On Friday, February 13 members of three regional bands – Shining Star, Jerry Duty and Achilles Wheel – distilled their talents into a new group called The Saints of Circumstance. With a name like that, any Grateful Dead fan would be sure to put […]

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GrooveSession: Standing on the Verge of Getting it On

The Beatles at the Cavern Club, The Ramones at CBGB, Prince at First Ave….GrooveSession at the Crazy Horse Saloon. Who knows? It’s not insane to imagine that we might look back on this pairing of band and venue as another one for the history books. Audacious as it may be to list the trio from […]

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Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons: Let it Blossom, Let it Grow…Let it Rock!

Anyone who contends that rock ‘n roll is dead hasn’t seen Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons recently. Their show on Saturday, November 8 was one of the most anticipated performances we’ve had at the Crazy Horse. Most people have never heard of Jerry Joseph, but those who have are extremely passionate about his music. He […]

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Achilles Wheel: Rising Up to Paradise

Less than a week after Shining Star helped us celebrate Jerry Garcia’s birth, Achilles Wheel was back to honor the anniversary of his passing. Still fresh off their June CD release shows, it was a treat to see a totally different side of them. Taking a break from their wealth of original material, the evening […]

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Shining Star: Opening the Garcia Portal

The love and reverence that so many of us feel for Jerry Garcia is hard to quantify. We embrace his legacy and all the music he left us. His work with the Grateful Dead earns the bulk of the attention, deservedly so. He spent a vast amount of his time playing a totally different style […]

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Lebo & Friends: Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You

To know Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz is to love him. He really is one of the nicest guys in the world. But you don’t have to know him. Just hearing him is enough to earn most people’s adoration. The sound that emanates from his guitar and vocal chords elevates one’s spirit; just like his relentlessly positive […]

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GrooveSession: Remember When We Were Young, We Shone Like the Sun

We saw it coming from miles away. It was as predictable as an asteroid impact. No matter how prepared you might be, nothing can dampen the effect when it washes over you. This was to be GrooveSession’s third appearance at the Crazy Horse and we already felt a strong sense of kinship with the So. […]

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Achilles Wheel: Ringing in Summer with Stones to Sand

We’ve never needed a special occasion for people to get excited about seeing Achilles Wheel at the Crazy Horse. On June 20 and 21st, we had two occasions to up the ante on the celebration – Summer Solstice and the release of their new album, Stones to Sand. It was also the first time they […]

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