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Getting Extra Cozy with the Dead Winter Carpenters

If there was one thing we could change about the Crazy Horse, it would be to make it just a little bit bigger. Most days, the size is perfect. It’s cozy, but there is room to spare for everyone who wants to be here. As with any music venue, occasionally the appeal of our shows […]

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Zach Deputy: Oh, So that’s What You Mean by ‘Gospel Ninja Soul’

We’ve had a steady stream of exceptional artists gracing our stage at the Crazy Horse Saloon but none as high profile as Zach Deputy. The guy has over 25,000 likes on Facebook. He’s not a household name by any means, but as far as one-man-band phenomena go, he is only surpassed by Keller Williams. Inhabiting […]

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McTuff: Serving Up an Improv Masterpiece Until the Cows Come Home

In this day and age, using “Mc” as a prefix implies phoniness, commercialism or anything of the cookie-cutter variety. Considering their antithesis to those definitions, the name of the band which played at the Crazy Horse on Friday October 18 is rather ironic. Not only did McTuff channel an ultra cool moniker in an era […]

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Brian Rogers: The One-Man-Band We Didn’t See Coming

We hate set breaks at the Crazy Horse. They suck. Why can’t bands just play straight through all night long? Oh yeah…they need to take a piss, have a drink or a smoke. That’s understandable, but they always seem to happen at the most inopportune time. Like the other night when Bumptet was throwing down […]

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Grateful for the Horse: Achilles Wheel and Co. Bring the Dead to Life

Any music sounds good in the Crazy Horse Saloon but when bands cover the Grateful Dead, there’s an extra element of magic circulating through the room. No band has played here more than Achilles Wheel. Lacking a local venue they could count on as a home base, the reopening of the Crazy Horse coincided perfectly […]

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J.J. von Briesen: Red Boots, Seductive Appeal and a Whole Lot of Soul

One of the best things about the Crazy Horse Saloon is all the new music we get turned on to. Staying close to home in Nevada City is easier than ever because world class bands continue to show up right on our doorstep. Every band that graces our stage is talented in its own right, […]

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