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Jonathan Scales Fourchestra

Thursday, December 12 / 9:00 pm-Friday, December 13 / 11:30 pm

/ $8

Before we tell you about Jonathan Scales Fourchestra, let’s hear from some people whose opinions are worth a thing or two:

“To say I am impressed would be a gross understatement! Wow, Jonathan!” – Bela Fleck

“Jonathan Scales brings new vitality to the traditional Caribbean instrument, picking up where Othello Molineaux left off 20 years ago with Jaco Pastorius.” – Jazz Times

Jonathan Scales is one of the most innovative steel pannists on the planet, and is redefining and challenging traditional expectations of his signature instrument. In his hands, the sonic palette of an instrument often associated with cruise ships and tropical resorts is radically expanded to mimic the role of horns, piano, vibraphone or marimba due to his stunning, virtuosic technique. Scales mesmerizing compositions have captivated listeners and elevated him to the status of a true composer, forging new territory in the medium of instrumental music.In a nutshell, this is some funky, thought-provoking, avant-garde jazz which will awaken long-dormant neurons in your body. 

Although Scales’ writing produces songs that are ultimately accessible and danceable, the compositions can be remarkably complex and difficult to perform. As a result, the power trio whimsically named Jonathan Scales Fourchestra has always had a fluid lineup of top-notch musicians. His current lineup consists of jaw-dropping bassist E’Lon JD and mind-boggling drummer Maison Guidry. They are touring behind their latest release PILLAR- their fourth release on Ropeadope Records. This is a special treat for us at the Crazy Horse unlike anything we’ve seen before.


Thursday, December 12 / 9:00 pm
Friday, December 13 / 11:30 pm