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Achilles Wheel: Ringing in Summer with Stones to Sand

We’ve never needed a special occasion for people to get excited about seeing Achilles Wheel at the Crazy Horse. On June 20 and 21st, we had two occasions to up the ante on the celebration – Summer Solstice and the release of their new album, Stones to Sand. It was also the first time they […]

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Asher Fulero Band: We’ve Never Heard it Like that Before

As you might have figured out by now, our booking agent has impeccable taste in music. He holds himself to a high standard so our patrons can rest assured that just about every band coming through the Crazy Horse is going to be special. When he goes out of his way to talk up certain […]

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High Beamz: Scary Good on Friday the 13th

“You can’t win ’em all,” yes, so we’ve been told. But it’s still painful on the occasions when bands that traveled from afar get less than the appreciation they deserve. Granted, even when there aren’t many people here, those that are always make their graciousness felt. Arriving full of optimism from the Bay Area, High […]

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A Grateful May at the Crazy Horse

Jerry Garcia was at the Crazy Horse last Saturday night. No, not the guy who kicked the bucket 18 years ago. Actually a cute little dog named Jerry Garcia who belonged to the bass player from Totally Dead – Dave – and his partner Katie. While they did share a striking resemblance, one could be […]

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Groove Session: Grabbing the Power Trio Paradigm by the Horns

The name is almost too cliché: Groove Session. “Oh sure; We better look out cause you guys are gonna lay down a wicked groove session.” We took it with a grain of salt and didn’t set the expectations high. No matter how many times we try, it’s really hard to get an idea of what […]

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Stu Allen and Mars Hotel: Walk Me Out in the Morning Dew, My Honey

Following recent performances by the Deadbeats and Jerry Duty, Stu Allen’s two-night stand at the Crazy Horse Saloon completed a dazzling trifecta of Grateful Dead tributes. Our venue has established lofty standards when it comes to strolling down that golden road of primal nostalgia. The guitarist/vocalist is one of those guys who exists slightly under […]

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Stu Allen and Justin Purtill: Acoustic Brilliance Through the Garcia Prism

Beyond extreme technical proficiency on his instrument, it’s Stu Allen’s astounding ability to channel the essence of Jerry Garcia which fuels his legendary status. Rather than strive to emulate the late icon, what he does is express a palpable sense of love and reverence through an uncanny grasp of Garcia’s musical mannerisms. He doesn’t have […]

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Live from the Crazy Horse: The Best of 2013

2013 is in the books even faster than we knew it would be. It was a landmark year for the Crazy Horse Saloon & Grill as we hosted over a 100 shows. Even our lofty expectations were exceeded by the constant stream of exceptional talent. Considering the volume of top caliber music, one might think […]

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Zach Deputy: Oh, So that’s What You Mean by ‘Gospel Ninja Soul’

We’ve had a steady stream of exceptional artists gracing our stage at the Crazy Horse Saloon but none as high profile as Zach Deputy. The guy has over 25,000 likes on Facebook. He’s not a household name by any means, but as far as one-man-band phenomena go, he is only surpassed by Keller Williams. Inhabiting […]

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McTuff: Serving Up an Improv Masterpiece Until the Cows Come Home

In this day and age, using “Mc” as a prefix implies phoniness, commercialism or anything of the cookie-cutter variety. Considering their antithesis to those definitions, the name of the band which played at the Crazy Horse on Friday October 18 is rather ironic. Not only did McTuff channel an ultra cool moniker in an era […]

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