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Todd Gardner Band

CD Release Party

Come celebrate the release of “Saints of Circumstance” front man Todd Gardner’s first solo album “On the Road.” It’s easy to see why Todd is one of our favorite guitarists as he pours his heart and soul into every note he plays. The angelic tone he achieves and the spaces he explores always seem to […]

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Blue Lotus: Across the Canyon and Beyond the Horizon

Basking in a steady stream of some of the country’s finest music is a privilege. If you take it for granted, it could easily blend together into a palatable blur of complacency. Fortunately our philosophy here at the Crazy Horse is more akin to an adventurer forging through uncharted territory. We’re grateful for the scenery, […]

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The Saints of Circumstance: A Tale of Two Sets

Some recipes are guaranteed for success long before the cooking begins. On Friday, February 13 members of three regional bands – Shining Star, Jerry Duty and Achilles Wheel – distilled their talents into a new group called The Saints of Circumstance. With a name like that, any Grateful Dead fan would be sure to put […]

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Stu Allen and Justin Purtill: Acoustic Brilliance Through the Garcia Prism

Beyond extreme technical proficiency on his instrument, it’s Stu Allen’s astounding ability to channel the essence of Jerry Garcia which fuels his legendary status. Rather than strive to emulate the late icon, what he does is express a palpable sense of love and reverence through an uncanny grasp of Garcia’s musical mannerisms. He doesn’t have […]

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