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Pink Talking Fish: The Sacred Creed Will Be Yours

  It’s a Monday afternoon at 2pm and we’re in the legendary Crazy Horse Saloon in Nevada City, CA. There are wide-eyed people drinking Bloody Marys, a pair of hipster parents holding infants and people scattered about with twinkles in their eyes. There’s a band onstage with an intricate lighting display fitting to a late […]

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Pink Talking Fish

Pink Talking Fish is a Hybrid Tribute Fusion Act that takes the music from three of the world’s most beloved bands and creates a special treat for fans of their music. Pink Floyd, The Talking Heads and Phish are all more than just bands… they are Phenomenons. Their immortal artistic creations provide endless inspiration to […]

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GrooveSession: Remember When We Were Young, We Shone Like the Sun

We saw it coming from miles away. It was as predictable as an asteroid impact. No matter how prepared you might be, nothing can dampen the effect when it washes over you. This was to be GrooveSession’s third appearance at the Crazy Horse and we already felt a strong sense of kinship with the So. […]

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Asher Fulero Band: We’ve Never Heard it Like that Before

As you might have figured out by now, our booking agent has impeccable taste in music. He holds himself to a high standard so our patrons can rest assured that just about every band coming through the Crazy Horse is going to be special. When he goes out of his way to talk up certain […]

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