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Hillstomp (10pm)

This Portland duo is the sonic equivalent of a defibrillator. These crazy cats go 0 – 60 faster than a Ferrari and then careen down blind curves like a toboggan with no brakes. Brace yourselves for a blood-curdling dose of country blues, stomp-grass, raging rock, moonshine punk and dance-disco-folk. And yes, buckets, cans and slide […]

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Eric McFadden Trio with Queen delphine: A Marathon of Musical Alchemy

It’s not every day the dance floor at the Crazy Horse turns into a mosh pit. This phenomenon was no surprise. You could feel it coming. By the time the band was playing The Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” the frenetic energy in the room was vibrating with reckless abandon and threatening to spin […]

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