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Band Beyond Description
Acoustic & Electric at the Cray Ho

Thursday, October 21 / 8:30 pm-12:00 am / $20

Bask in the glory of Band Beyond Description as they return to the world famous Crazy Horse Saloon. Please click on event page to see details on Covid protocols required for entry.

Live Phish Stream
Followed by DJ Fossil’s Funk-O-Potamus

Friday, October 22 / 7:45 pm-1:30 am / Free

Streaming a live Phish show at the Crazy Horse is the next best thing to being there...and in some ways, even better. Stay afterwards for DJ Fossil dropping the funk bombs on the 2s and 4s.

Music Reviews

by Tyler Blue

Kyle Ledson: Left it All Behind

You know that feeling where music completely sweeps you away? Time ceases to exist, the worries of the world evaporate, and you just want to drive with no destination. It keeps...

Streaming Live from the Crazy Horse:
The Next Best Thing to Being There

What do you make of the concept of the multiverse? Is it possible for a person, or say a band, to exist in multiple realms simultaneously? Thanks to the marvel of video streaming...

Andy Frasco: Nothing to Be Afraid Of

“He’s going to destroy your venue.” “I hope you’re well insured.” “I heard he almost burned the place down last time.” “Do you have any idea what you’re in for?” These musings...

Crazy Horse on the Road Presents…
Wham! Bam! Thank You Jam…Base

It wasn't Pink Floyd, Dire Straits or The Talking Heads. No, for this crowd it was something even better. On Sunday, June 2 of 2019, The Slip reunited to play its second set of...

Crazy Horse on the Road Presents…
Ghosts of the Forest: If You Want to Fly, Let Go

We've all lost someone special in our lives. In the midst of the pain and sadness, perhaps we made a pledge to ourselves to translate those emotions into fuel for positive...

Pink Talking Fish: The Age of Miracles

You won't find it in your TV Guide, but there is an irresistible new show sweeping the nation: "Everybody Loves Cal." That's right ladies and gentlemen; we're talking...

Chum: More than Halfway to the Moon

There are good reasons why very few Phish tribute bands exist on the scene. The challenge of playing such a wide array of intricate compositions is daunting enough....