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Blu Egyptian at Rosebud Ranch

Saturday, June 22 / 7:00 pm-11:00 pm

/ $20 – $25

Only five miles from downtown Nevada City, a stone’s throw from the Yuba River, lies a mystical destination known affectionately as Rosebud Ranch. Rare opportunities occasionally arise to venture to this private property to tap in to the essence of musical transcendence. Those who were fortunate enough to be there in August ’21 for magicgravy, August ’22 for Greatest Story Ever Told or any of the three shows in ’23 (Chum, Lebo & Friends and Saints of Circumstance) get a twinkle in their eye when recollecting the transformative experiences they had under the stars.

People have been anxiously awaiting the announcement for the season’s first Crazy Horse Production at the Ranch. The incredible vibes from Blu Egyptian’s Jamiroquai tribute show at the Crazy Horse are still reverberating from New Years Eve. It only seems natural to give this band the wide-open canvas of Rosebud to paint another visionary masterpiece. And it just so happens to be a Summer Solstice celebration of epic proportions!

This young quartet from Chico is on a skyward trajectory as one of the hottest up-and-coming jambands in Nor Cal. Last year they made waves on the festival circuit at Hogfarm Hideway Festival and Oregon’s Cascade Equinox Festival. This year they’ll be appearing at The Golden Road Gathering in Placerville along with their typically relentless touring schedule all around the west.

They live to jam, but that’s only part of what has earned them a passionate fanbase. They are disciples of so many great bands, past and present. They hold this music in a state of reverence while channeling those influences into their own intricate gameplan with lighthearted sincerity. They run a wide range of genres through their mad scientist laboratory and emerge with a kaleidoscopic dance party soundtrack. Their off-the-charts energy flows organically through jam-rock, funk, Latin grooves and reggae. They even have an electric fiddle when it’s time to bust out some String Cheese-style newgrass.

Beyond their musicianship, Blu Egyptian set themselves apart as true showmen. Guitarist Don Jules is one of those vibey alpha dogs who makes it seem like he’s been sleeping with his instrument since he got it on Christmas morning as a kid. He also carries a soulful vocal presence far exceeding his age. All four members bring their own magnetism and constantly evolving talent to the table. You can’t take your eyes off the stage.

Hearing this music go down at Rosebud (an all-ages venue, by the way) while getting freaky on the spongy turf dancefloor or lounging on the sloping hillside will be a highlight of the year. This is one of the places on earth where you just seem to feel better once you set foot on the land. Keep in mind, you will be informed of the exact location and all the necessary details within a couple days of your ticket purchase. Feel free to contact us with any questions at crzyhorsemusic@gmail.com (crazy without an “a”).


Saturday, June 22
7:00 pm-11:00 pm
$20 – $25