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China Dolls

Friday, December 8 / 9:45 pm-12:30 am

/ $20

In all our years of hosting Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia tribute bands, we’ve never seen any as uniquely captivating as China Dolls. Prepare for one of the most empowered displays of female artistry you’ve ever witnessed as these six stars join forces in glorious alignment. It will be a spectacular thing to behold the luminescent talent of Sunshine Becker lead this extraordinary band. Her voice is the sort of instrument that will stop you in your tracks and have you gazing in awe. She has spent her life collaborating with the best of the best GD artists and this passion project reflects the full expression of her talent.

She’s joined by Jen Rund (Jenerator, Band Beyond Description) on ultra-funky, bouncy bass. Jen is a groove machine who emanates an overflowing river of joy and wonder on stage. Anna Elva (Lovin’ Dead, Mark Karan’s Buds, Etc…) has skyrocketed to the top of the list as everyone’s favorite GD drummer. She’s as fun to watch as she is to dance to with a style which is both delicately complex and relentlessly engaging. Richelle Scales is a major wild card in this mix on keyboards. The Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia were all about merging eclectic styles and genres. This classically trained pianist does exactly that as she draws influence from jazz, hip hop, blues and rock.

The China Dolls are playing the music of Jerry Garcia. So, the big question might be, who’s going to let ‘er rip on guitar? Previously the band has featured the likes of Matt Hartle or Zach Nugent on lead guitar as the lone males in the group. For this tour, we are absolutely thrilled to get the first all-female version of the band thanks to the addition of special guest, Joni Bottari. Her east coast-based band Brown Eyed Women has been earning acclaim with appearances at the Skull & Roses Festival as well as many other jaw-dropping performances around the country. Playing a gorgeous guitar similar to Jerry’s “Wolf,” she has that rare gift of elevating these songs into the stratosphere with her six-string sorcery. We’re honored to have her flying in for this occasion. Accompanying her on both rhythm and lead guitar is another impressive axe-slinger, Pamela Parker. Bringing a funky, bluesy edge to the table, she’s a true rock queen who will light a fire under this whole band.

Long story short….whether you love the Grateful Dead or not, this is a musical experience which will go down as one of the most memorable in Crazy Horse herstory!


Friday, December 8
9:45 pm-12:30 am