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Moody Cat
Summer Nights After Party

Wednesday, July 24 / 9:00 pm-12:00 am

/ Free

The rise of Moody Cat to consideration as the hottest jamband in the Sierra Foothills has been a gradual and unsuspecting ascent. If you understand the ambition and vision of bandleader David Lee, then it comes as no surprise. Constantly processing all the most elite influences from an array of musical genres, he’s shaped himself into a renaissance man of eclecticism. It’s not enough for him to strive to be the best drummer, vocalist or songwriter – he is intent on leading Moody Cat into rarified air.

The band is locked and loaded starting with Lee’s longtime collaborator, Brett Sanders on bass. If you’re going to have a funk/soul/rock jamband, this is the ferocious force of groove you want on your side. They’re not just content to ignite dance parties wherever they go…they’re going to stir you in a way that leaves you wondering WTF just happened.

Moody Cat is a multi-layered ensemble highlighted by the guitar heroics of Danny “Dellow” Roholt. A bona fide virtuoso and graduate of the Berklee College of Music, he is dripping with creativity in everything he does. Dellow’s humble nature balances his ability as the ultimate alpha musician on stage as he simmers, boils and erupts through euphoric passages of psychedelic epiphany. His leanings towards jazz modes sets the mood in a perpetually engaging fashion.

Multi-instrumentalist Trevor Hollingsworth is a major x-factor in the equation. Playing alto sax, flute and percussion, he adds a multitude of textures, melodic honey and rhythmic juice to the sound. The most recent addition to the group is keyboardist Andy King (Swamp Zen) hits this further out of the park. Andy is the ultimate, tasteful keyboardist to fit the sound of Moody Cat. His ears are as open as can be, latching on to every fresh idea emerging through the onstage ethers and coaxing it to fruition.

Moody Cat isn’t content to do anything by the book. This is a riveting musical journey with a gameplan which – in the past – has leaned heavily on covers, both familiar and exotic. In conjunction with the band’s creative renaissance, they are now tapping into a vein of fresh, original songs bubbling to the surface.  No matter what it is, they embody the philosophy that it doesn’t matter as much what you play as how you play it. Moody Cat is on the prowl and audiences are getting blissfully riled up every step of the way.


Wednesday, July 24
9:00 pm-12:00 am