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Smokey the Groove

Friday, July 19 / 9:30 pm-12:30 am

/ $15

Get ready for the return of Chico’s premier seven-piece, rage-edelic/acid jazz/funk-rock ensemble. Yes, we said “rage-edelic” and you won’t know just how accurate that description is until you witness it yourself. Smokey The Groove brings galactic grooves, a full horn section, and crushing rhythmic thunder to the dance floor for your party pleasure. Each show opens a portal into a technicolor fever dream of sonic surrender. Led by the haunting vocal presence of bassist Austin Farwell, Smokey takes audiences down an Alice in Wonderland type of rabbit hole into the nether regions of imagination.

Join us for an evocative adventure through organized musical chaos, brass-fueled funk butter and light-hearted shenanigans. It’s kinda like Primus and Parliament/Funkadelic having a baby, that baby mind-melding with the offspring of Frank Zappa and Prince, and morphing into a super baby that grows up with ambitions of world domination. Well, uh, something like that.


Friday, July 19
9:30 pm-12:30 am