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Suika T. w/ La Rua

Friday, April 19 / 9:30 pm-1:30 am

/ $20

Suika T. shows at the Crazy Horse have steadily ascended to the status of an official holiday here in the Sierra Foothills. This one-of-a-kind artist generates more energy and unbridled passion than can be easily contained within any walls. The love generated by her adoring audience spills out into the streets and carries into the days and weeks beyond. This unicorn of a performer comes from Mexico City and has toured the world with previous projects. She and her band are taking Gold Country by storm with their electrifying shows where the crowds surrender to the ecstatic vibe from the first note until the last. Since recently being anointed to perform at the High Sierra Music Festival as the winner of the highly competitive Band Contest, the buzz is rapidly rising!

Electro cumbia is the name of the game with Suika T. exemplifying the essence of a fully empowered frontwoman on vocals, ukulele and percussion. If you don’t grasp what this joyous music called cumbia is all about, you will understand it very quickly. There’s something primal about the groove and the way it unlocks the human instincts for dance. The other alluring ingredients in this sonic cocktail include funk, reggae, world jazz and hip hop. They merge with an effortless, organic flow, like a river bubbling forth from the center of the earth.

Suika’s stellar band of musicians take what could be casually chalked up as Latin party music and elevate to elite status. Every one of them is so talented and innovative, they can be fully appreciated on their own as well as members of the ensemble. The percussion element is extremely powerful and persuasive with Julian Fritz holding the pocket on drums and Lucio La Rua going wild on congas. Locking in with the bouncy grooves of Thunderlump on bass, the rhythmic force is enough to move mountains. The masterful guitar stylings of Aja Salvatore slice through the mix with focused brilliance as he injects West African influences carried forth from extensive time spent in Mali. Additional guest musicians typically gravitate to Suika T. like moths to a flame.


Friday, April 19
9:30 pm-1:30 am