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Band Beyond Description – June ’74 Tribute

Thursday, June 20 / 9:30 pm-1:30 am

/ $20

If the Grateful Dead is your religion, then the Crazy Horse is your church when Third Thursday rolls around. Every month Jonny Mojo (Achilles Wheel) and Gary Campus (Deadbeats) host a cast of the finest musicians from around the region to conjure lightning in a bottle. BBD is a gathering point for everyone who wants to plug into the feeling of what it was like going to a Dead show. The music that bubbles forth from these nights captures the spontaneous, primal, orgasmic spirit that so many of us crave.

Jonny is a proverbial pied-piper who guides the flock to the promised land with his incredibly versatile guitar playing and passion for the music coursing through his veins. He is one of the most in-demand guitarists in the Bay Area and all around Nor Cal. He lives and breathes the music of the GD to the highest degree. Gary emanates pure joy in every beat and gracefully molds his style to elevate the strengths of his collaborators. He’s been a rhythmic instigator in the region for 45 years now and is as passionate as ever.

The special guests this month are headlined by Matt Hartle on guitar and vocals from China Cats, China Dolls and Painted Mandolin. He is a true magician who pulls music out of the ethers which is so profound, intense and beautiful, it’s hard to believe it actually exists. His connection with Jonny is otherworld and the two navigate a dual lead situation better than any other. This will be particularly appropriate as the band celebrates the 50th anniversary of June 1974 – the month many deem the greatest in the Dead’s illustrious career. Outrageous psychedelic jams are all over the menu!

Back at the Horse after many moons is former Achilles Wheel keyboard maestro, Ben Jacobs. He takes a very cerebral approach with lush melodies spouting forth from a deep well of creativity. His sound will be a great fit to capture the Keith Godchaux electric piano sound from this era. Last and definitely not least is one of our favorite people and musicians, Jen Rund (Jenerator). She is a groove machine who does Phil proud on the bass with her fluid lead playing. Jen is also one of the most fun performers to watch on stage with the pure joy she emanates. It’s lineups like these which make every BBD such a monumental experience!


Thursday, June 20
9:30 pm-1:30 am