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Crosseyed & Painless: A Talking Heads Tribute

Friday, May 3 / 9:30 pm-12:30 am

/ $15

It’s been many years since we’ve had a Talking Heads tribute at the Crazy Horse and it’s definitely been something we’ve been craving. It couldn’t be more perfect that our old buddy, Chris Zanardi (Five Eyed Hand, High Beamz) put together an all-star band to conjure the spirit of this material so many of us hold dear. Calling themselves Crosseyed & Painless, this six-piece group of intrepid sonic travelers will treat us to a full performance of the band’s seminal 1980 masterpiece – Remain in Light. Additionally, they will stack a set loaded with your favorite hits from across the band’s career. Prepare for an adventurous dance party!

Spearheaded by the funky, jazzy, buttery stylings of Zanardi on guitar, Crosseyed & Painless will tap in to the groove-based essence of the Talking Heads. This isn’t something anyone would dare to tackle without some seriously high-level musicianship. Cue the long-awaited return of Garrin Benfield (Shakedown Citi) all the way from New York. A truly extraordinary guitarist, singer and all-around performer, some of you will remember Garrin as a guest of Band Beyond Description on a couple occasions many years ago. His innovative guitar work and spellbinding voice will bring the Crazy Horse crowd to its knees.

Jordan Feinstein (The Ritual, Jay Lane, Stu Allen) elevates every project he’s involved with. Fulfilling the “keyboard wizard” definition to the nth degree, his iconic top hat will be bobbing and weaving as he unfurls torrents of funky, organ-swirling fury on these timeless songs. Bernie Worrell would approve!

You know how essential the rhythm section is to capture the multi-layered, hypnotic effect of the Talking Heads. Behold the interwoven alchemy of percussionist Brian Rogers (Izabella), Murph Murphy (New Monsoon, Stu Allen, Band Beyond Description) on bass and Alex Bowman (Chum) on drums. Murph and Alex’s instrumental heroics have been witnessed here on many an occasion. It will be super cool seeing them unleash their talents on this material!


Friday, May 3
9:30 pm-12:30 am